Polyethylene PE500 Sheet – HMWPE

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High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

PE500 is a versatile, food compliant material available in a wide range of colours. Its unique properties include a low coefficient of friction, high impact strength and abrasion resistance. PE500 has a wide operating temperature of -80°C to +80°C.

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PE 500 / PE-HMW sheets

High molecular weight Polyethylene 500 also known as HMW-PE or PE 500 is thermoplastic with high molecular weight (as determined by viscometric method). Thanks to their high molecular weight, this type of HMW-PE is ideal material for applications requiring excellent sliding properties and wear resistance.


Good mechanical features

Good sliding features


Dimensionally stable

Scatch- and cut-proof

Resistant to acids and alkaline solutions

No water absorption

Physiologically safe (FDA/EU-Regulation)

Stabilized against UV rays

Main Features

Minimal moisture absorption

High impact strength

Easy to machine

Low friction rate

Regular size

Product Name Production Process Size(mm) color
UHMWPE Sheet mold press 2030*3030*(10-200) white, black, blue, green, others


Polyethylen 500 sheets are preferably used in :

1.Food industry and there especially in the processing of meat and fish for cutting boards

2.Swing doors

3.Impact strips in hospitals

4. In ice stadiums and sports grounds as lining or coating material, etc.

We can provide various HMWPE sheet according to different requirement in different application.

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