Why are UHMWPE processed parts more suitable for industrial equipment parts

UHMWPE processed parts are widely used in chemical plants, power engineering and other fields due to their advantages of high performance, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, and good ultra-low temperature performance. In addition, it can also be used as engineering plastics in machinery equipment, chemical plants and other machinery and equipment. Let’s take a look at why UHMWPE parts are more suitable for industrial equipment parts: UHMWPE parts have excellent performance because of their high molecular weight, and belong to thermosetting engineering plastics with moderate price and excellent performance. It basically concentrates the advantages of various plastics, and has unparalleled wear resistance, impact resistance, self-wetting, corrosion resistance, impact kinetic energy, quick kinetic energy, and other engineering plastics. Cold-resistant, hygienic and non-toxic. In fact, no simple fiber material has so many excellent properties at this stage. The parts made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene are resistant to wear and corrosion, and the performance of self-lubricating bearings is better than that of other raw materials. They are lighter in weight and easy to install, with lighter weight steel components. Although there are many advantages, the price is not higher than other raw materials, and the cost performance is very high. Therefore, UHMWPE processed parts are more suitable for industrial equipment parts.

Post time: Jun-15-2022