Polyethylene sheets are used in many engineering applications

Polyethylene plates this is because molecular chains sometimes block their photocrystals, leaving a large amorphous region in the biomolecule, polyethylene plates can absorb a lot of impact kinetic energy. According to the reference, astm- D256 method is used to determine the impact of plastic compressive strength value. According to comparison, the compressive strength of polyethylene board can be divided into polycarbonate, polycarbonate is known for its impact resistance, and can be used as general rubber products.

The friction resistance of polyethylene plate is very low. Polyethylene board has better wear resistance, low friction resistance and good self-wettability. It is the dream raw material of bushing, roller and bushing. The choice of polyethylene board as friction pair, not only can improve the damaged service life of facilities, polyethylene board and can save resources.

Polyethylene board has good chemical resistance. Polyethylene board has better chemical resistance. In addition to concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid, polyethylene board is not easy to be etched in any alkaline or acidic solution. It can be used as dilute hydrochloric acid at 80℃, in sodium cyanide & LT; Hydrochloric acid & lt; 75% smooth, can also be used with water and liquid cleaning. As everyone knows, polyethylene board is very easy to swell in aliphatic hydrocarbons or halogenates (especially in continuous high temperature), so attention should be paid to its use.

Improve the wear resistance of polyethylene board. High wear resistance is one of the tempting characteristics, polyethylene board in a lot of projects in the use of a key use value. At this stage, all the plastic polyethylene board has good wear resistance, and even a lot of metal materials are not as regular as before. With the improvement of molecular weight of high pressure polyethylene, the wear resistance of this kind of material is also improved. Impact resistance of polyethylene board. The compressive strength of polyethylene plate is related to its molecular weight. When the relative molecular weight is lower than 2 million, the impact compressive strength of polyethylene plate increases with the increase of the relative molecular weight, and the higher value is about 2 million. At this point, the impact compressive strength will decrease with the increase of relative molecular weight.

Post time: May-31-2022