Grey acid and alkali resistant PVC Rigid sheet

short description:

Rigid PVC sheet, high transparency, good transmittance, anti-corrosion, acid-proof, insulation, strong durability, anti-ultraviolet / light / aging resistance, no yellowing and deterioration, double-sided film, smooth surface, no water absorption, no Deformation, easy processing. The product is made of new material, has no taste, and has better physical properties than PMMA plexiglass.

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1. PVC thickness range: 0.07 mm-30 mm

2. Size: 

Product Name Production Process Size(mm) color
PVC Sheet extruded 1300*2000*(0.8-30) white, black, blue, green, others

3. Application: vacum forming/Thermoforming/Screen printing/Offset printing/packaging/Blister packing/Folding box/Cold bending/Hot bending/building/furniture/decorative

4. Shape: PVC sheet

Product Name 1.0mm Thickness Milkly White Glossy Opaque Plastic Rigid PVC Sheet For Furniture
Material PVC
Color   Beige; white; gray; blue, etc.
Thickness Tolerance According to GB
Density 1.45g/cm3;1.5g/cm3;  1.6g/cm3
Impact strength(cut)(four-way)KJ/M2 ≥5.0
Tenslle-Strength(lengthwlse,crosswlse),Mpa ≥52.0
Vlcat softenlng plont,ºCDecoration plateIndustrial plate ≥75.0≥80.0
WidthLengthDlagonal Line Deviation 0-3mmDeviation 0-8mmDeviation+/-5mm

5. Corrosion resistance: can resist general acidic, alkaline and salty solutions, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydroxide solution, etc.; can not withstand chromic acid;

6. Food contact performance: non-food grade materials, can not directly contact food, medicine, etc.;

7. product features:
a. High hardness, not easy to deform, excellent dimensional stability;
b. Reliable insulation performance, fire resistance and flame retardant;
c. Acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance;
d. It is easy to process and has excellent welding performance;
5. Working temperature: -15℃--60℃

8. processing performance:
a. Cutting tools: table saw, woodworking saw, hand saw, CNC engraving machine, shearing machine, etc.;
b. Processing methods: hot melt welding, hot bending, cold bending, plastic forming, drilling, punching, engraving, PVC glue bonding, etc.; plastic forming is suitable for thin PVC sheets below 2mm; hot bending, Cold forming and punching are suitable for sheets with low density and strong toughness;

9. product use:
a. PCB equipment: etching machine, volcanic ash grinding machine, demoulding dryer, etc.;
b. Automation equipment: silicon wafer cleaning machine, electronic glass cleaning machine;
c. Coating equipment: electrostatic powder spraying room, powder spraying equipment parts, etc.;
d. Laboratory equipment: medicine cabinet, salt spray testing machine, constant temperature testing machine, etc.;
e. Ventilation equipment: acid mist exhaust gas tower windows, exhaust gas treatment equipment windows, etc.;
f. Printing industry: advertising screen printing, warning signs and other signs, backboards, etc.;
g. Other industries: cable cover, non-burning brick pallet, mold manufacturing, backing plate.

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