Extruded Solid Virgin Blue Nylon 6 Sheet

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MC Nylon sheet macromolecular main chain of the polyamide resin is a repeating unit of the polymer containing amide groups in general. Engineering plastics for the production of the five largest and most varied, the most widely used species. The main varieties of nylon is nylon 6 sheet and nylon 66 sheet, were overwhelmingly dominant, nylon 6 sheets polymerization of caprolactam and nylon 6 sheets is poly adipic acid has diamine nylon 66 than nylon 6 to 12% of hard; nylon reform vast amount of varieties, such as reinforced nylon plates, conductive nylon sheet, nylon board and other polymer blends and alloys, etc., to meet the special requirements of different, widely used as metal, wood and other traditional materials substitutes.

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    Nylon sheets are the most important engineering plastics. This product is widely used, covering almost every field, and is the most widely used variety among the five major engineering plastics. It has the most superior comprehensive properties, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These characteristics, coupled with good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, make nylon 6   "universal grade" material for the manufacture of mechanical structural parts and maintainable parts.

    PA6 Nylon Sheet Specification

    Item name

    Nylon (PA6 )sheet


    Monomer casting nylon






    1.13-12.5 g/cm³


    natural color, blue, red, yellow, black, green, other

    Brand name:



    100% virgin material




    1. high strength and stiffness

    2. high impact and notch impact strength

    3. high heat deflection temperature

    4. good at dampening

    5. good abrasion resistance

    6. low coefficient of friction

    7. good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels

    8. excellent electrical properties, ease of printing and dyeing

    9. food safe, noise reduction


    Bearings, gears, wheels, roller shaft, water pump impeller, fan blades, oil delivery pipe, oil storage pipe, rope, fishing nets and transformer coil.


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